~vickilynn~ (happy_trails96) wrote in graceicons,

Hi Everyone,

Hope it's okay to post this, if not lemme know and I will delete this.
But I wondered if anyone knew where I could find some icons like this pic under the cut..
Thank YOu very much!


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You could use a photo editing program and decrease its size to 100x100mm

Unfortuntely I don't have a program..

Thank You Hon ^_~
Well, there is a free one online...just go to Paint.net, and follow the instructions. Or you can just use the Paint program that comes with Windows.
Really? What planet have I been living on? LOL I will have to look in the Windows program. lol

Thank You!
You can also try a program called GIMP, it's great, and also free. :)


June 1 2008, 02:03:08 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  June 1 2008, 02:12:09 UTC

I just stuck it in Paint and reduced the size. Simple enough! :-)

Wow, You are very kind!
Thank You very much hon! ^_~
No problem. It's actually a pretty cool picture; I might use the icon myself. :-)

As write4jesus said, there is a basic Paint program that comes with Windows. It's pretty crude and doesn't do much, but resizing is simple enough. Once you have the file open, go under "Image" at the top and choose "Stretch/Skew". Use the "stretch" section and just make sure that you change the horizontal and vertical both by the same amount so that you don't distort the image. If you want to be totally specific and make it as big as possible, you can go under "Image" to "Attributes" and that will tell you how many pixels tall and wide it is, then you can figure out what percentage of that you need to use to make it the size you want it. LiveJournal icons can be no bigger than 100pixels by 100 pixels.
Awesome, learn something new everyday! TY again!!
If you have any others, feel free to email me Hon, ok?
Okie Dokie TY!! SmileyCentral.com
You're very welcome Hon!